Ferriere di Stabio is leader in Europe and one of the main worldwide manufacturer in the area of stainless steels and nickel alloys special fasteners, components and parts produced by cold forming and / or precision machining.

Company has a great expertise in high temperature and corrosion resistance applications. Reference customers are Automotive OEMs and their tiers. Solution provider for the newest applications like electrical vehicles, Aerospace parts supplier.

Ferriere di Stabio was established in 1959 with the start-up of a rolling line for the production of semi-finished steel products.

The first important turning point took place in 1966, when production of bolts began, only in carbon steel.
In 1972 the production has been widened to stainless steel bolts. Since 1982, following the positive impact of stainless steel products, the entire production is concentrated only on stainless steel and nickel alloys fasteners.
Thanks to this decision, the company was able quickly to develop its strength and consolidate its position with a global foot print.