Ferriere di Stabio has very strong skills in co-design of complex components through FEM simulation. This is carried out through generation of 3D model of assembly starting from “step” files coming from customer’s design and Calculation and dimensioning of fastening components.


Ferriere di Stabio has a very deep experience in cold heading processes. This know how is applied in  design of tooling and deformation processes. Such activities are supported by state of art FEM simulation tools. Such skills are applied also to design of processes made of cold heading followed by machining. This is a smart and cost effective alternative  to pure machining: FDS is able to design tailor made solution for each customer’s special part.


Research and development is the key of Ferriere di Stabio approach to innovation. This is essential to keep maximum level of service required by a constantly challenging market. Main activities are focused on development of exotic materials and superalloys; design of coatings and assembly strategies; optimization of fasteners performance through ultrasonic measurement at customer’s assembly lines.